Planting in Maine
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ii. Vision


Joining god in the renewal of all things

Soul & City \ Person & Place

We believe the whole story of God reveals that He is at work through his Son Jesus to renew all things. This cosmic redemption has beautiful implications for both soul and city-- both person and place. It's for that reason that we believe we are called to join God, as his people, in the renewal of all things.


Because the gospel changes all things

Many believe that the Christian faith is simply a system of spirituality when in fact the Christian faith is a thorough explanation of reality. We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ touches every corner of our universe leaving nothing untouched. And so we labor together to believe the Gospel changes us, our families, our work, our leisure, our neighborhoods, our cities, our world. When you and I experience the fulness of the Gospel in our own lives, it overflows in love and service of those around us.