Planting in Maine

i. City & Culture


City & Culture



Maine is one of the least populated states in the nation, and is made up of many very small towns. But within Cumberland county resides a huge percentage of the state's overall population. Our desire is to inhabit the South Portland area which provides easy access from the peninsula of Portland and the surrounding "suburb" communities of Scarborough, Cape Elizabeth, Falmouth, and Saco. Within the window of just three of these towns nearly 100,000 people reside within a 5 mile radius.


% of Christian Influence

A cultural tipping point may be defined as that marker in a population when a population is significantly impacted by a group that is within its ranks. 8% may be seen as that number. Compared to the national average evangelicals in Maine have much work to do if they are going to see a significant cultural influence for the advancement of the gospel and the good of the city.



32nd most generous city in America.


Dechurched Adults


Maine ranks 3rd among all states in dechurched adults, and 4th in churchless adults behind only cities in other New England states (NH, VT, MA).